A national infrastructure for drug discovery and chemical biology research in Finland.

The Drug Discovery and Chemical Biology Consortium

- a Biocenter Finland supported infrastructure platform

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- with links to international, Nordic and European screening infrastructures

Purpose of the Consortium

  • To coordinate and integrate the significant infrastructure and expertise in the areas of drug discovery and chemical biology that exist in Finland and make it available to the scientific community.

  • Provide scientists in Finland with the tools to enable world class chemical biology research and to facilitate the transfer of academic discoveries to clinical application

Expertise and Services Provided

The expertise within the network includes drug discovery & chemical biology process guidance and advice, assay development, HTS, HCS, virtual screening, molecular modeling, chemoinformatics, follow-up assays, in silico and in vitro ADMET, and connections to organic/medicinal chemistry.


Assay development, low-, medium- and high-throughput screening and high content screening facilities, maintenance of chemical libraries, computing and software for virtual screening and molecular modeling.


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