How to contact

Researchers are welcome to contact the coordinator, a consortium partner, or complete the project inquiry form below regarding their project and how the DDCB may be of assistance.  The project will be discussed between the researcher and the DDCB Advisory panel, either at a DDCB meeting or in writing, to decide how the expertise and infrastructures in the consortium can best support the project.  The project then enters the appropriate area within the consortium on a first come-first served basis.  All inquiries will be kept confidential within the DDCB Advisory panel.

Network coordinator:

Krister Wennerberg, FIMM (

Principal Investigators:

Olli Kallioniemi, FIMM (
Antti Poso, UEF (
Arto Urtti, CDR HY (
Pia Vuorela, ÅAU (
Merja Perälä, VTT (
Antti Pursula, CSC (

Project Inquiry Form:

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